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Products and Services

California-Based Full Service Truss Engineering and Truss Manufacturing Firm.

We provide top-tier residential and commercial: Roof Trusses  | Floor Trusses  |  Wall Panels


Our experienced PSF staff comprised of registered professional engineers will manage your project from the start by exploring the most sound economic solutions utilizing the best, most efficient application of prefabricated components.

We engineer our own component (truss) calculations and assist with the project structural engineering from the start by participating in early-stage value engineering.


Following the tradition of our ‘Gang-Nail’ Trusses, we offer the following components all engineered and manufactured in-house:

• Roof Trusses
• Floor Trusses
• Wall Panels
• Timber Wood Trusses
• Industrial Trusses

Home Builder & Developer

Truss Engineering Services

We realize Home Builders and Developers require early truss engineering for Building Department submittals. Because of this, PSF has dedicated design teams to engineer your project from the initial stages all the way up to a final design. We communicate with architects, structural engineers and building departments to pour over details and, if required, attend value engineering meetings.


On-Site Customer Service for Framing Contractors

The successful manufacturing and delivery of our quality engineering products is not the end of the journey for PSF. Our customer service professionals in the office and at the job site will ensure that your job is completed flawlessly after we’ve made delivery. We are only one phone call away from assisting your framing crews in an array of different areas, including:

-Truss / Wall Placement Plans and Engineering
-Liaison with Architect, Engineers and Building Department
-Field Modifications, if necessary
-Other Services

Discover the difference PSF can make with your next project.