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Developer Engineering Services

Providing Home Builders & Developers Pre-Truss Engineering Services
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Complete Truss Engineering Services

Our experienced PSF staff comprised of registered professional engineers will manage your project from the start by exploring the most sound economic solutions utilizing the best, most efficient application of prefabricated components.

We engineer our own component (truss) calculations and assist with the project structural engineering from the start by participating in early-stage value engineering.

Pioneers in Truss Engineering

Unparalleled Experience

PSF’s Engineering department is staffed with seasoned professionals who have accumulated more than 200 years in the local truss business. Our CEO, John Hanna, is a Registered Professional Engineer who is one of the original founders of Gang-Nail truss company that pioneered the Gang-Nail truss in Southern California. Mr. Hanna personally oversees the truss engineering service department to make ensure every project is thoroughly designed and reviewed prior to submitting. We coordinate truss designs with the architects, engineers, building departments, and of course, the framing contractors. Using our advanced engineering system along with our industry-leading expertise we are committed to completing your engineering in record time.

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