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About PSF

Pacific StrucFrame stands at the forefront of the truss engineering and manufacturing industry, leveraging the expertise of seasoned engineers and industry leaders to offer comprehensive solutions. Specializing in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of high-quality Roof Trusses, Floor Trusses, and Wall Panels, our Southern California-based facility ensures end-to-end service delivery entirely in-house. Our commitment to innovation and quality, combined with our extensive experience, positions us as a key player in supporting construction projects with precision-engineered truss systems, tailored to meet diverse architectural needs and enhance structural integrity.

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PSF is formed by seasoned professional engineers, component manufacturers and framing contractors. Our executives have owned and operated some of the largest component manufacturers in the Western United States.

Market Demands

In the last 7 years, Housing starts and Non-Residential construction has increased a whopping 80% while the availability of skilled labors has dropped almost 40%. With so much new construction uptick and fewer skilled labor to perform, PSF offers the right approach to builders and developers.

By handling the structural engineering and manufacturing of the building components (roof / floor trusses, wall panels) together with assisting our associate framers with on-site coordination. Our solution is a one-stop shop approach which eliminates the dependence on skilled onsite labor as we prefabricate most of the components in our factory and utilize less skilled labor for the on-site installation of our components.


Pacific StrucFrame, a full service engineering and manufacturing organization founded by seasoned engineers and former heads of industry. We provide end-to-end engineering and manufacturing all in-house. Producing high quality trusses, wall panels and floor systems from our manufacturing facility in Southern California. This eliminates communication gaps, provides seamless quality from model-to-finished structure, and we are able to do this in record build times without delays.


We provide full service engineering, manufacturing and framing all in-house.


By eliminating communication gaps together with prefabrication we provide speedy completion.


Manufactured in a controlled environment under strict quality controlled procedures.


Trusted leaders you can depend upon to get the job done right the first time.

Get to Market Faster

By engineering and prefabricating our own components (roof, floor trusses and wall panels), we eliminate communication gaps between structural engineering, framing contractor, and component manufacturer. This ensures the seamless and smooth, on-time completion of your project.


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