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Quality and speedy delivery of open web wood trusses and wall panels.

At PSF, Communication is the Difference


Whole Structure Engineering
Our experienced PSF staff comprised of registered professional engineers will manage your project from the start by exploring the most sound economic solutions.

Component Engineering
We engineer our own component (truss) calculations which eliminates communication gaps that normally occurs between structural engineering, component (truss) engineering and onsite framing. We assist the project structural engineer from the start by participating in value engineering.

Truss Manufacturing

Utilizing the component engineering completed by our in-house structural engineers our manufacturing plant adheres to strict quality controls to produce the following components:

• Roof Trusses
• Floor Trusses
• Wall Panels

Timber Wood Trusses

When engineering and nature meet, our Timber Wood Trusses will provide not only the structural support your building requires but do so with beauty and style.


Structural Engineering | Manufacturing of Trusses and Wall Panels | On-Site Framing

The package of products and services is offered to developers as a one-stop shop.

PSF would take on a job from structural design, manufacturing of components comprised of roof trusses, floor trusses and wall panels combined with our on-site erection and framing.

CSLB# 839812

How It Works


The Project Structural Engineer engages PSF to perform the engineering of the structural components (EWP, floor/roof trusses, and other components) contained in the structure. This will ensure the completeness of the submittal package to the building departments, expediting the permit process.

No more waiting for resolution of RFI’s from truss manufacturer or for completed truss engineering packages as this is all handled in-house by PSF engineers.

Framing and Component Manufacturing

At the bidding stage, our associate framers would tender their bid to the GC (or the Developer) for onsite framing together with all materials to include prefabricated floor/roof trusses. These will be manufactured exclusively per PSF’s engineering.

Framing crews are fully oriented on all aspects of the project together with shop drawings of all components (EWP, trusses, walls).

During the construction phase, PSF engineers will be actively involved with our on-site framing operation to ensure that the project is framed correctly.

Onsite inspection of the final framing will be provided to the GC and the Developer by PSF engineers or by a third party if requested.




All Under One Roof

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